Truck Wisdom

Many hours spent travelling around Uganda and Rwanda last year led to a new favourite hobby – creating a compendium of wisdom from the slogans written on cars and trucks. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I really like ‘The rich also cry’ and ‘Your wise enemy is better than your stupid friend’.


Never give up
Hope for the best
Go slow
No Jesus no life
Don’t trust anyone
If God says yes, who can say no?
Thank(s) God
In God we trust (only)
God is God
Gaurdian Angle [sic]
Gift of god
God is my father
Who is perfect
Toil for tomorrow
Take it easy
Option to smile
Respect fools to avoid noise
Team no sleep
Victory bus
Good lyfe
Collision not
God’s judgement
I am fantastic
Why not?
Jesus is the answer
Work not words
Try jesus
No condition is permanent
You are important
I never risk my life
God knows
Don’t hunt what you can’t kill
Respect your job
Be expectant
Prepare the way
Have a seat boss
Your wise enemy is better than your stupid friend

God is great full time

The rich also cry
Ever smart
Mr handsome
Good news Jesus is back soon A U ready
Late better than never, think about it
Who is to blame

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