Falling down the rabbit hole

If you like Escape Rooms, clues or treasure hunts, or even just like an afternoon outside with friends then this would appeal to you!

I love the Hidden City Treasure Hunts and my friends and I bought tickets for The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat, my fourth hunt, and started at the National Portrait Gallery. The Cheshire Cat one was more expensive (£23 pp instead of about £30 per team) but offered items along the way and more interaction than the other hunts. Most offer flexible start times and you can even compete against another team of friends.

(The others I’ve done are  Lost Souls of the City , Cryptic Covent Caper and a third which I can’t remember – all were really good!)

You get text clues through to your phone (you can add more than one number in case your phone runs out of battery) and once you’ve figured out the clue you text back the answers. If it’s correct you get the next clue. With some of them you interact with people at various locations e.g. pubs etc. If you get stuck you can get a clue for a time penalty. Usually there are a couple of breaks factored in if you want them.

I love these hunts, it’s a great opportunity to see parts of London I would never have thought of visiting, and it’s a really great thing to do with friends. They take about 3 hours and you walk around quite a bit.

Here are some photos from the recent hunt, they aren’t in order so hopefully no spoilers!








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