Favourite Postcards – to send

I love Postcrossing (I’ve been a member just under 2 years & have sent 60 cards) and sending cards to friends and family. It’s a fairly inexpensive hobby and I always pick up cards when I’m out and about. I find the most commonly requested cards are cards from where you live however. I really like sifting through blank secondhand cards and it’s an amazing feeling when you get a match with someone’s niche interest e.g. strawberry theme, trains etc. Here are a few of my favourite cards which I sent last year.



Where’s Wally – I bought these from Amazon 


Roald Dahl – I bought these from Amazon too

Image result for roald dahl postcard

Wildlife Photographer of the Year series – I bought these in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and in the museum shop in Brighton


Astronomy photographer of the year – I bought these at Greenwich Observatory


Vintage style posters – I bought these in a bookshop at the South Bank


Marimekko postcards – these were a Christmas present but you can find easily online 


Portraits- National Portrait Gallery


Botanicum Postcards – £12.99 from Kew Gardens



Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

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