Double Review: Love Letter & Code Names

Love Letters

2-4 players

Price: £7.99

Love Letters is an 8 character game where you are tasked with guessing what card your friends have. It’s a little bit like Coup without the lying! There are a limited number of each card and they are related to each other so you can work out what the other players have to get them out of the game (Guard, Baron and Prince cards) .

Image result for love letter rules

The ultimate aim is to end the game with the highest card (e.g. the princess). the rounds are quite quick and then there are some blocks to win if you win a round, the person with the most blocks at the end, wins. You start with one card, pick up an additional card then have to play one of the two cards in your hand.

It’s a game which is still fun to play as a pair.


Code Names

Price: £19.99

There are several versions – standard version, Duet (2 player), Disney (and other themed version such as Marvel), Deep Undercover (adult only version),

I played Duet which is a great collaborative game for 2 players. It involves word association – you both have a grid of words (green, neutral or black) related to the main grid and you have to find one word that links the ones in green on your side. However, you have a limited number of guesses and you need to avoid the three black cards which mean the game is over. If your partner chooses one of the neutral cards you turn is over but the game goes on! Only you can see which words are green / black and some of the other players green / black will match up but your black can be their green.

The more words you can link, the better (three or more is ideal) but you have to be really careful that they aren’t going to pick one of the black words. The aim ends when you’ve guess all the greens for both players.


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