DIY Cake Toppers

  • Card (I bought ready-made recycled tags from Etsy for 99p)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Tape


  • Stickers (mine were from Asda)
  • Alphabet stamps (eBay – Dovecraft £3.50) and ink
  • Washi tape (this was a Spanish brand)

I made cakes for a friend to celebrate both a birthday and an engagement in France.

Step 1. Plan your toppers – what are you going to do to decorate them? Are you going to use washi tape, stickers, write on them or use stamps? Cut out the shapes out of card or use the small luggage tags as a base.

Step 2. Decorate

I used the stamps and stickers on the engagement toppers and washi tape for the birthday ones. You could use initials, names or write a short message.

Step 3. Attach the cocktail sticks to the decorated card and insert into cakes.




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