Lifehack: Holiday with friends

We went away for a week together as a group of five friends last month. Flying together, sharing a car and a villa we wanted to share simply and had each taken some cash and cards.

Splitwise is a perfect way to avoid looking petty, forgetting what you owe and having to totting up constantly or scramble for cash when you need to pay the bill.

Whether it’s paying for expenses like car insurance back in England, or paying for meals, petrol or shopping out there, you can record each expense as and when and it will update the totals owed on everyone’s phones. You just have to create a group.

You can split equally between all of you, just choose individuals involved, split by % or a set amount each, it’s really flexible. You just settle up between you at the end and it will tell you for each person whether you owe them or they owe you. we found that we were all about even but it saved so much time talking about ‘Well you paid for the taxi here’ or ‘I paid for the wine last night’.

It really made the holiday completely stress-free. Thoroughly recommend.


Image result for splitwise

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