Disney Themed Hen Do or Children’s Party

I love decorations but I hate how wasteful and expensive it can be, so I wanted to create some eco-friendly decorations from second hand items. A friend of mine is having a hen do and adores Disney which is where I got the idea from.

  1. Disney Princess Bunting


  • Sellotape
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Second-hand book set (mine was £2.50 from a charity shop for 6 books)

HEN DO: Disney Princess Happily Ever After Stories Story Box – from 1p secondhand




If it’s for a birthday party you won’t need the wedding theme and can buy a different set

There are plenty of Disney books at charity shops and on eBay! e.g. Book boxset

  • Select the pages you want from the books and rip or cut them out carefully (you might want to decide which side is best).
  • Cut to desired size (equal). You could cut into pendant shapes if you wanted to
  • Lay out images flat on the floor in the order you would like, with an equal amount of space between each
  • Cut the string to size (about 10 cm each side)
  • Tape on , checking spacing- I used 3 bits of tape per image (centre and each side)
  • Hang on walls with bluetack or tape and admire!


2. Disney decorations


Decorations from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel.

  • Cut off bottom with a good set of scissors to ensure a flat base
  • Cut out thick bases to size from offcuts
  • Glue figure to base with glue gun
  • Hold still while it sets, avoid burning fingers

3. Disney Princess Headbands


  • Ribbon = 1cm thick  (I bought a set of ribbons for £3.20, you need about 1m for each headband. I also had to get one of the colours which was £3 from John Lewis)  
  • Bows (mine were £1 for 3, Poundland then an additional one fro £2 on eBay)
  • Headbands (mine were £1 for 3 in a charity shop, you could also get from Poundland or boots etc)
  • Princesses – £2 from charity shop

For the princesses:

Look on Ebay for deals! And charity shops

Disney Princess Play sand- cardboard figures online price: £7.99

Link 1 Link 2  (you can also get a Frozen version) Link 3

The standard version gets you 4 princesses, and a Frozen set would mean an additional 2. 

I then got Snow White and Sleeping Beauty from the Happily Ever After stories for the final 2 – works particularly well for the bride

  • Glue gun + glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Jewels (£1 Poundland)
  • For the bride: veil (£1 Poundland)

Or you could cut them out from a board book / paste onto cardboard if needed


  • Wrap the headbands with ribbon, to cover,  glue at each end to stop it unravelling. 
  • Glue on Disney Princess figure and extra figures if you have them (e.g.  Flounder) 
  • Add diamante bits
  • Clip or glue on the bow. I’ve added flowers from the original headbands to the bows on a couple of mine. 

For the bride’s headband 

  • Use a white ribbon for the headband 
  • Glue on a veil to back
  • Fold white ribbons and glue on



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