Life hack: Digitise Your Half Marathon Training for free

I've signed up for the Oxford Half Marathon in October and so need to get fit! I've got a quick way to organise your training on your phone. Step 1. Go to this website: Step 2. Answer three questions Step 3. Download the file with your training programme Step 4. Import events into Google Calendar … Continue reading Life hack: Digitise Your Half Marathon Training for free

My favourite dessert recipes

Chocolate brownies Twix Cookies Really easy for a bake sale & a bit quirky. Roulade from Sweet - Ottlolenghi & Helen Goh Chocolate cake Shortbread Rolo rocky road  Birthday cake This is my go-to birthday cake recipe now. ....when all else fails- make a giant cookie with a packet mix! Photo by Sheelah Brennan on Unsplash

My favourite fish recipes

Salad Nicoise Add: dijon mustard to dressing and roasted pine nuts Jamie Oliver's fresh and light fish pie Pan fried salmon Add ginger to the recipe! Salmon & spinach curry Smoked Salmon and Lemon risotto Taiwanese sea bass Photo by garett deegan on Unsplash  

Countries Visited

European Countries Denmark France Belgium Germany The Netherlands Austria Switzerland Channel Islands Greece Croatia Spain Italy Hungary Slovenia - see blog post Slovakia Czech Republic Poland - see blog post Turkey And obviously.. the UK Outside Europe Taiwan China Jamaica Morrocco Rwanda Uganda Dream Travel list Nepal Canada South Korea Japan Brazil Sri Lanka New … Continue reading Countries Visited